It keeps you going.

Being off for so long reminds me of when a student arrives in your class. The first thought is I can’t wait to get all that stuff finally done in those six weeks of 80% curriculum time and then in the fifth week there is a sudden realisation that all of that stuff has not been done.

Well it’s the same being off for a long time. Those days of wishing, “just think what I could do with a spare three weeks…..just think what I could do…….just think of all that catching up!” have long gone.

I’m not so sure about catching up, or doing things that would be useful for school. They don’t seem important or relevant. Instead, as time has drifted/flown/dragged by, I’ve found things to do (ironing is now viewed in a completely different light),

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  1. John Sutton says:

    Hi Peter, glad to hear that the long road to recovery is progressing. When you get back to school you’ll be thinking “Where did the time go?”.

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