I met Jesus

I did think that by now I would be doing more stuff on the life and times of a Primary school teacher with a particular interest in ICT but my own preoocupation is still my medical condition. Not so much the original pain, or the operation or the subsequent recovery but the people who have provided lots of care, kindness and overwhelming consideration. One of these was Jesus.

I wak to school, and home again. The journey home usually takes a little longer but that’s fine. One night an old gentleman stopped and  asked, “How are you Mr Rafferty?”

Well I didn’t recocgnise him, and I can’t remember ever speaking to him before but from him, came this converstaion that  entranced me with compassion, emotion and thoughtfulness. As we parted he touched me on the arm and very gently said, “take care.” It was nothing but meant everything. I walked on with tears.

I thought for a moment I had met Jesus. It wasn’t. I met him again the next day and it was Phoebe’s grandad.

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  1. Sra Stevens says:

    A beautiful story xx

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