Open Office, Office365 and Google Docs

I saw @dughall ‘s blog post about Open Offic, Office365 and Google Docs. I wrote this as a comment about our school’s story. There is one more section that I do need to add but I’m off to Anfield shortly so the new bit will have to wait until this evening.

Which one of Open Office, Google or Office365 would I/we use?


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3 Responses to Open Office, Office365 and Google Docs

  1. Mark Allen says:

    Spot on, Pete, and very similar to my own experience: kids don’t really care, so the extra collaborative benefits of Google Docs make that the obvious choice. Adults often claim that there are features in Office they can’t live without. I sometimes ask them what these features are, and of course they can’t name them, or I’ll ask them to tell me what those icons on the toolbar ribbon of Word are for, and they only know a handful. Nevertheless, whether it’s reluctance to change, or fear of the unknown, or a genuine preference for Word, it doesn’t really matter – the leadership decision is whether it’s worth the trauma of introducing that change, and sometimes the answer has to be ‘no – stick with what they know’, however frustrating I may find that. (Like you, I haven’t touched MS Office for over five years, and although I was a power user, I find there’s almost nothing I can’t do in Google Docs – and so much that I do that I couldn’t possibly do in Word.)
    It’ll be interesting to see what these same people say when the perfect Office-compatibility of QuickOfficemakes its way into GDocs. It’s already available on mobile devices, and works beautifully. I missed @dughall’s Twitter conversation the other day – too busy showing kids how to use GDocs – but found some of the comments slightly out-of-date in their understanding of the current state of affairs.

  2. Chris McWilliam says:

    Great post Pete. I am a fan of open office. When you consider the savings compared to MS Office it is a no brainer really. Also, Google Docs for me everytime. The collaboration is key.

  3. Amanda Bennett says:

    Interesting post – a useful summary and filled in a few of the gaps I had about what had gone on at GP, as well as the progress this year… Glad you found a Techie solution to the Y6 writing issue (and well done on including the Google Education Summit buzz word – twice!!!)

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