Valid for two hours from purchase


I forgot to bring a set of felt tips but I could get some on route.


Atlanta airport didn’t have any.


Next stop San Francisco International Airport and Santa Clara and a beer and a meal in the hotel.


The journey started a few months before.

At the height of the British Summer it was raining. Well on 2oth August in Broadhaven, it was.

Broadhaven is in south west Wales and is beautiful part of The United Kingdom. We were there on holiday and had been on the hot, sunny beach….but that was Monday and we were back on Thursday and it was grey and raining.


Monday lunch was at The Ocean Bar and Cafe

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  1. Glen Westbroek says:

    The details you provide make me feel like I was almost at your side enjoying this experience. It sounds like everyone who participated must have had a great time.

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