A little while ago…….

A little while ago I received this email:

I’ve been helping my daughter, Colleen learn more about technology and coding for her computer project. While researching, we came across your page, http://raff.creativeblogs.net/computing-resources and it has been very helpful for us, thank you for making such a great page!

Colleen has had a lot of fun learning about computers and it has sparked her interest in working with them one day. So, as a Thank You, Colleen wanted to pass along a resource we found: http://ithare.com/a-beginners-guide-to-programming-languages/ to add to your page, if it isn’t too much trouble. She would love to see that her research is helping other people! 🙂

Happy Holidays,

It’s kind of real nice to get this kind of email. It’s taken longer than it should have done to put the resources on this blog but they’re here now …….and in the pages section above.

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