The Reason I Love Technology in Education

The reason I love using technology in education is because, I think, I love reading and writing.

Part of my B.Ed degree is English Literature so I like reading blogging has had a bit of a major effect on my educational career, so I quite like writing too.

I am also quite fascinated at the moment by some of the brilliant footy/LFC social media articles that have given platform to people who perhaps otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity. I’m particularly referencing “The Anfield Wrap” at this point because one of their main people used to be in my class and I think, if I remember rightly, we got along real well. I hope that he, like other pupils in my class, didn’t have maintain 100% eye contact, in order to be successful. There are, of course, many other examples of hugely successful blog/Facebook/Twitter football/sports writers. It is, perhaps, an unrecognised feature of the use of social media.

This, love writing/love technology is only a recent thought. It came about while thinking what to present about in a forthcoming trip to South Africa. I plumped for, sort of, Sparkly Letters. They’ve come with me to, amongst other places, Nottingham at Naace and Santa Clara with Intel, so they get about a bit and in a digital world they provide an analogue solution to get big people and little people talking about technology in education. The children write a letter, I take it with me and hand them out to the audience, if you open a letter you have to reply to original sender but in the same colourful style. When a Y6 pupil gets a hand written (if full Sparkly glory) letter in a sealed envelope from the Vice President of Intel, who sat for about 15 minutes in a posh hotel in Santa Clara, writing the reply you know it sort of worked.

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